Shrimpl SatEye

Shrimpl SatEye

Revolutionising precision shrimp farming

with an unprecedented world-first technology.

Your eye in the sky

Shrimpl SatEye leverages a constellation of over 200 observation satellites to capture more than 15 terabytes of data daily, delivering the industry’s most detailed visual data.

Access and analyse images from any location, anywhere in the world, regardless of weather—day or night.

See the invisible,

predict the unpredictable

Stay confident despite operational, environmental, or economic hurdles. With Shrimpl SatEye, you can observe, analyse, and optimise everything happening in your ponds.

Water quality

Monitor water conditions in real-time and safeguard aquatic life health.

  • Daily Water Quality Mapping: Track key parameters to assess conditions continuously.
  • Water Quality Indexes: Utilize indexes to quickly evaluate overall water health.
  • Aeration Performance Heat Maps: Visualize aeration effectiveness across the pond.
  • Optimise Aeration Equipment Placement: Strategically position aerators to enhance water oxygenation and circulation.


Track biomass for optimised feeding, reduced waste, and balanced ecosystems.

  • Lifecycle Tracking: Monitor when ponds are seeded, partially harvested, and fully harvested.
  • Growth and Health Monitoring: Track the growth of biological assets and observe the impacts of diseases on biomass performance.
  • Shrimp Distribution Observation: Identify where shrimp are located within the pond.
  • Hardware Placement Optimization: Strategically position equipment for optimal performance.
  • Feeding Optimization: Enhance feeding strategies with deeper insights into biomass.

Operational intelligence

Leverage high-resolution imagery for smarter decisions, improved efficiency, and streamlined audits.

  • Automated Cycle Detection: Automatically recognise various stages within the grow-out cycle.
  • Hardware Asset Identification and Monitoring: Track and monitor the status and location of hardware assets.
  • Performance Analysis and Optimization: Evaluate and optimise the placement & performance of hardware assets.
  • Environmental and Disaster Impact Assessment: Assess the effects of environmental factors and natural disasters on biomass.
  • Optimisation of Aeration Equipment Placement: Strategically position hardware assets for optimal aeration.

Net carbon footprint

Calculate and improve your operation’s environmental impact.

  • Mapping Carbon Footprint: Utilize verifiable data to map the carbon footprint of your business operations.
  • Identifying Carbon Sequestration Offsets: Discover opportunities for carbon offset through sequestration.
  • Acquiring Carbon Footprint Data for Certification: Obtain necessary data to support carbon footprint certification.
  • Enhancing Market Access and Production Certifications: Improve qualifications for market access and secure production certifications.


Track your equipment’s location and secure vital assets.

  • Continuous Monitoring and Tracking: This enables the identification of the time and cause of malfunctions, performance losses, or theft.
  • 24/7 Imaging Capabilities: Our visual and radar imagery operates day and night, under clear skies or cloudy conditions, offering a resolution of up to 1 pixel = 2.5 cm, allowing detailed observation of activities on the farm.

A revolutionary tool for everyone in aquaculture

Shrimpl SatEye benefits everyone involved.