Achieve more bankable outcomes

Discover how Shrimpl helps feed mills achieve greater financial security and success.

Feed mills face big financial risks

Feed mills bear the burden of farming risks transferred by producers. When crop failures or mismanagement lead to payment defaults, recovering what’s owed becomes challenging. Shrimpl mitigates these risks to create a win-win scenario for both feed mills and producers.

The future of feed mill management

Data-driven insights to minimise risks and maximise profits.
Fewer bad debts
  • Make smarter choices about providing credit and flexible payment termsall based on how creditworthy and financially resilient a producer is.
Higher profits, more opportunities
  • Use data to streamline operations and optimise products, Plus, explore new ways to monetise (e.g. feed insurance or dynamic payment terms).
Easier financing
  • Meet lenders who understand feed milling and enjoy lower financing rates. Secure funding and better leverage your producer credit book.
Better performance, more sales
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your feed in real-world conditions. Confidently market the true value of your feed to customers.
Easy to use
  • Integrate Shrimpl seamlessly with your current systems and data sources, right away without complicated setup or any extra costs.

Frequently asked questions

I already have a system in place for gathering data. Why do I need another? 

Dealing with multiple tools can be overwhelming, frustrating, and counterproductive. Shrimpl simplifies things by seamlessly integrating with your existing systems. It becomes your one-stop, centralised source of truth.

Do I need dedicated resources to build, use, and manage Shrimpl?

Not at all. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning models do the heavy lifting, delivering automated insights directly to you. No need to worry about manual processes or complex data analysis.

Can I use Shrimpl with my current financial lender? 

Absolutely, Shrimpl is designed to work seamlessly with your existing financial lender. You can continue your relationship with them while leveraging the benefits of our platform.

How do I know my data is secure?

With Shrimpl, you have full control of your data. Your data belongs to you. We do not tell you how to use it; you call the shots. We convert your data into valuable insights and facilitate its secure and efficient transferto turn your data into dollars.

How much can Shrimpl save me?

We believe using Shrimpl will boost your profitability instead of adding to your expenses. By enhancing your efficiency and helping you achieve better margins, we aim to drive your success. Rest assured, our fee structure is designed to be fair: you’ll only pay a small fee, usually just a few cents per kilogram, when you make a profit from selling your goods.

Why would shrimp producers use Shrimpl?

Why wouldn’t producers embrace a solution like Shrimpl that can improve their business and profit margins? Shrimpl is also cost-effective to use. As an independent and unbiased platform, Shrimpl provides producers with complete control over their data. They can share it whenever it benefits their business with anyone they choose. Moreover, Shrimpl offers centralised and secure management, allowing seamless adjustments to feeds, banks, insurers, and other financial institutionsall in one place.

Does every customer of mine need to use the platform?

Shrimpl is flexible, and it’s up to you to decide which customers can benefit from using the platform. It’s not mandatory for every customer to use it.