Our company and leadership

Meet our team.

The Shrimpl story

In 2022, a team of industry veterans with a passion for sustainable aquaculture founded Shrimpl. With experience in production, feed milling, marine biology, research, and finance, we understand the challenges firsthand. We believe how seafood is produced is just as important as its quality. That’s why we’re committed to using technology and our global network to propel the industry forward and make a difference.

Our mission

We’re building a digital aquaculture ecosystem that connects people and businesses through data. A better way to do more with less risk and make smarter decisions.

Three things we believe about the future of aquaculture, it should be profitable, resilient, and sustainable.

A commitment to the future

We’re determined to drive sustainable change and help businesses contribute toward the UN sustainability goals. We take sustainability seriously. Shrimpl can significantly lower shrimp farming’s impact by up to 40-60%, and our carbon footprint model enables investors to make informed ESG calculations.

Our team

We’re experts in farming, feed milling, trading, finance, risk management, and risk transfer.

Mr. Ciaron Mckinley

Ciaron is the driving force behind the commercialisation of Shrimpl’s next-generation aquaculture platform. He brings two decades of success as a CEO in trading and agri-business investments. Ciaron focuses on fostering productivity, competitiveness, and positive social impact through value chain redevelopment.


Dr. Daniel Penalosa

Daniel is an esteemed aquaculture bioeconomist. With a background in biology, aquaculture production, and biofloc management, Daniel leads the development of technical models, platform enhancements, and strategies for on-farm productivity improvement and risk mitigation.

Geographic Information Systems

Dr Jose Luis Hernandez

Dr. Hernandez is a water sciences expert specialising in remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Dr. Hernandaz is a highly regarded academic in remote sensing techniques for measuring water quality parameters and biomass in surface and seawater bodies. Dr. Hernandez has collaborated with the Mexican Space Agency and served as an international consultant on water resilience issues, climate change assessments, and developing public policies in Central American countries. At Shrimpl, Dr Hernandez leads the GIS and water sciences services team, enhancing services to producers, feed mills, finance lenders and insurance companies, as well as carbon and sustainability solutions.


Dr. Tom Ludescher

Tom is an experienced venture builder, CEO and board member working at the intersection of insurance, financial markets, regulation and technology for over 25 years. His vision and mission are to make the aquaculture industry economically and ecologically resilient and with this, bankable and insurable.


Mr. Claude Chen

Claude is a dynamic and experienced CTO. With comprehensive experience across IT systems architecture, front-end and back-end development, machine learning, and data management, Claude leverages every facet of information technology to empower businesses insights and transform industries.


Luis Raymundo Cardenas Parra

Mr. Luis is an experienced professional with 20 years of expertise in the Mexican aquaculture industry. His areas of specialisation include investment project development, technical advice, and facility design. He has actively contributed to the training of the productive sector, research, implementation of innovative technologies, and advising on international eco-certifications in aquaculture production.


Phuong Tran

Phuong is an enthusiastic aquaculture specialist and project manager. With a background in aquaculture technical research and project coordination, Phuong manages Shrimpl’s projects in the Vietnamese market. Phuong completed a Master of Science in Aquaculture at Ghent University in Belgium. Her career in aquaculture has taken her from her home country of Vietnam around the world, enabling her to bring the best technology back to Vietnam. Her journey in aquaculture has taken her from Belgium to Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

Global Projects Manager

Aline Guilherme

Aline manages a range of global projects from Asia to South America. With a master’s in Finance and Controllership and years of experience providing effective solutions for executives of financial and finance-related matters, Aline ensures all projects are executed on time and within budget. Her unparalleled customer service guarantees client satisfaction.

Our advisory board

We’re proud to partner with people who are the best and brightest in their fields.

Dr. Humberto Villarreal

President-elect of the World Aquaculture Society. Has over 100 scientific publications, has directed over 45 theses.

Mr. John Diener

CEO of Vertical Oceans, AgFunder mentor, and Trendlines Investment Committee member.

Mr. Wei Ren Kwek

Food commodities expert with a strong track record in value chain optimisation of margins and volumes.

Mr. Roy Palmer

Founder and COO of the Association of International Seafood Professionals, and an avid aquaculture avocate.