Harvest the success you deserve

The road to modernisation is challenging. No matter where you are on your journey, Shrimpl can help.

Producers face uncontrollable factors

Unpredictable weather, diseases, and fluctuating prices affect profits. Securing loans in aquaculture is challenging due to unique risks. Maximising data potential and ensuring privacy is tough. Shrimpl understands and offers reliable solutions to overcome obstacles.

Purpose-built for shrimp producers

Harness the power of data to achieve precision farming with higher predictability.
Integrated Farming Solution
  • Provides a platform for holistic management and control of aquaculture operations.
  • Centralised security and encryption ensure data safekeeping and operational control through configurable access.
  • Hardware and data source agnostic, all data is centralised and harmonised for ultimate insights in real-time.
Real-Time Data Management
  • Utilise remote and close sensing to provide dynamic, up-to-the-minute data insights.
  • Real-time tracking of biological growth through field observations, Shrimpl modelling, satellite intelligence, and dynamic modelling of both biological and financial performance.
  • Employs scenario modelling to anticipate and analyse potential environmental, disease, or market events and their financial implications.
Asset Management
  • Efficient and detailed asset management, including oversight of hardware assets and farm inventory, suitable for integration with both current and new systems.
  • Precise modelling of operational inputs to optimise resource allocation and maximise return on investment (ROI).
  • Cross-asset management optimisation explicitly designed for vertically integrated enterprises, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
Operations Management
  • Future-proof automation-ready integration platform for all industry hardware, such as IoT devices, drones, and automation platforms, coupled with staff planning, task allocation, tracking, and review systems to streamline farming operations.
  • Enhanced capabilities for daily satellite remote sensing and monitoring, providing vital diagnostics for improved management.
  • Comprehensive climate analysis tools designed to forecast and manage environmental impacts on production, ensuring proactive adaptation and sustainability.
Production Planning
  • Utilises advanced tools for meticulous production cycle planning and scenario modelling to enhance efficiency.
  • Integrates leading biological and economic models for accurate logistics planning, input forecasting, and assessing biological and financial performance.
  • Indentify insights to optimise production schedules and resource use, ensuring maximum productivity.
Reporting and Analytics
  • Professional bioeconomic modelling delivers precise insights into growth, environmental conditions, and operational efficiency, supplemented by financial forecasting and detailed operational reporting to guide strategic decisions.
  • Automated reporting and data-driven decision-making tools enable continuous operational optimisation.
  • Advanced PCR and RNA disease warning systems can proactively identify and manage potential disease issues up to 30 days in advance.

Frequently asked questions

What makes Shrimpl different?

Shrimpl is the industry’s only upstream and downstream open integration platform. We connect every step of your business, from breeding to distribution, in a single integrated system. With Shrimpl, you have full control and visibility over your operations and data, putting you in the driver’s seat of your business.

What equipment does Shrimpl integrate with?

Shrimpl works seamlessly with most of your existing tools, including accounting software, historical datasets, monitoring devices, water quality metres, and automated feeding systems. We’re constantly expanding our compatibility with other equipment and data clouds from different service providers. If you don’t see your specific hardware or software included, just let us know, and we’ll develop a solution tailored to your needs.

What is the Shrimpl Resiliency Score (SRS)?

The SRS is an independent and measurable framework developed by us. It evaluates the creditworthiness and business viability of shrimp producers by analysing a wide range of production and market risks mapped against over 400 data points. It’s the most comprehensive risk and resilience rating system in the aquaculture industry.

How do I know my data is secure?

Shrimpl stores and encrypts your data securely in the cloud. We don’t dictate how you share your data. You’re always in control about what to do with your data. Customisable user permissions guarantee that only authorised users can access it. 

How much does Shrimpl cost?

The cost of using Shrimpl is minimal. You pay a small and very competitive fee per kilogram of shrimp produced and sold after harvest, based on the volume.

How soon can I get finance?

The timeline for securing financing varies based on multiple factors, including your financial data, specific financing terms, and the lenders involved. Shrimpl works alongside you to connect you with the most appropriate lenders, but the exact timelines can vary. Contact us to receive an estimate regarding the financing process.

What finance rate can I expect?

The finance rates that are available to you depend on several factors, including the country, lender, type of financing, your SRS, and other relevant considerations. Our partners offer highly competitive rates. Rest assured, we’ll collaborate closely with you to ensure you obtain the best possible rates for your business.