Mitigate risk with unmatched confidence

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of aquaculture operations and gain the clarity you need to navigate this complex industry with ease.

Insuring aquaculture operations is a speculative endeavor

Assessing risks in aquaculture presents obstacles for insurers without specialized knowledge: unpredictable environments, complex operations, limited data, and evolving regulations hinder accurate risk evaluation.

Empowering insurance precision

Underwriting and Claims Management
  • Insights for accurate underwriting and quick claims settlement
  • Enhancing efficiency and accuracy in claims handling and underwriting processes.
Underwriting Verification
  • Farm survey from satellite imagery digital twin for geographic review and asset identification.
  • Ensuring historical client data is available, accurate and up-to-date via remote sensing.
  • Climate analysis to predict potential risks and frequency of natural disasters.
  • Ongoing risk monitoring and visibility and control.
Weather and Growth Monitoring
  • Regular and reliable weather forecasts.
  • Seeding notification and tracking of biomass growth stages.
  • Partial or complete harvest identification and alerts.
  • Pest and disease monitoring for preventive measures and early warning systems.
  • Advanced tools for early detection and mitigation of potential natural disasters.
Inspection and Damage Assessment
  • Near real-time asset monitoring and disaster monitoring.
  • Continual monitoring to estimate production and infrastructure losses.
  • Precise evaluation of crop or infrastructure damage post-disaster.
Financial Assessment
  • Calculation of Repayment Ability.
  • Calculation of Insurance Capacity for the Following Year.
  • Operational Supervision (Full Disclosure)
Risk Mapping and Coverage Confirmation
  • Detailed mapping and modelling of risk and mitigations to guide insurance coverage decisions.
  • Crop Coverage Confirmation and verifying insurance coverage matches the actual crop planted.